How to Make a Bong?

If you have been planning on buying a bong but haven't yet taken the call (we know, procrastination is the ruling emotion here), then worry not! We are here to make sure, you get your weekend fix without the traditional glass bongs! Wondering how? Well, by teaching you precisely how to make a bong with some basic supplies that you'll find lying around in your home!

So, let's get started.

Things Needed to Make a Homemade Bong

  • Plastic water bottle

  • Pen or Knife

  • Highlighter

  • Aluminum foil

  • Pin

how to make a bong - Making a Plastic Bottle Bong at Home

Step-by-Step Guide to Make a Water Bottle Bong at Home

Step 1

To start making your own bong, you must first take a clean plastic bottle, and fill it ¼ of the way with water. The water will act as a filter for the smoke, when you are smoking the bong.

You can also take a soda bottle for this purpose. The only difference is when you work with a larger bottle, you will bigger hits - so be prepared!

Step 2

Now, using a metal pen tip poke a hole right below the neck of bottle. This hole is known as the carb. It is the one that you will need to cover with your finger, and the let go off, so that you can smoke off the bottle.

Make sure the hole is big enough to let the air flow with ease, and small enough so that it can be covered with your finger tip.

Step 3

Make a second hole, just above the waterline, ideally with the same tool you used to make the carb. This hole will provide space for your downstem. Next, put the tube with the bowl attached to it, i.e. the downstem through this very hole. Make sire the angle of the downstem us such that the bottle's inside is emersed in water.

Try to make the rounded hole such that it perfectly fits the downstem - you don't want it to be too tight or too loose.

Just in case, you end up making the hole large, simply make use of a packing material such as putty. This will ensure that your downstem is aptly secure, and you get more smoke with each inhale.

Things Needed to Make a Homemade Bong - how to make a bong

Step 4

Make use of an empty pen pipe or a highlighter to make the downstem. To do so, all you need to do is empty the contents of the pen shaft, such that there is nothing inside and you are left with a hollow tube. Next, using a small piece of alumnium foil, wrap the larger end of the plastic tube. Then, pushing the centre of the tube downward, create a tiny bown and poke holes into it for the smoke to get through.

Of course, in case you already have a downstem, you can team it up with your homemade apple bong and enjoy the flawless bong hits that you were desperately waiting for!

Step 5

Finally, pack the bowl and give your homemade bong a try! To do so, begin by covering the carb hole (the one at the upper end of the bottle) with your finger. Place your mouth on that of the water bottle bong, and light the bowl using a lighter. Next, start inhaling through your mouth. As soon as the bottle is filled with smoke, take off your finger from the carb and take in the smoke.

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If you're alone and not sharing the bong with others, you can simply cap the bottle when you don't want to smoke any further. This will ensure that the leftover smoke inside doens;t leave the bottle bong, and that you can enjoy it once you are ready to inhale again!

Trust us, with the first inhale itself, you'll thank your stars for the knowledge of making a DIY bong. After all, it isn't everyday that you are blessed with the know how to make a homemade bong with common household items.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Make Bongs

What can I use as a stem for a bong?

If you do not have a stem handy, you can simply use a water bottle, and cut a small hole on the side, approximately half way down the bottle. This will help create an apt space for the down stem. You can then make use of electrical tape or got glue to secure it in place.

Can smoking out of aluminum foil hurt you?

While there is no empirical evidence to prove that household aluminum foil can cause any harm, but some users feel that using the foil causes irritation in their throats. Hence, it is more of a subjective matter.

What's the difference between a bong and a bubbler?

When it comes to the size, a bubbler fairs somewhere in between a dry pipe and a bong. The same can be said about the strength of the hit. However, what truly differentiates a bubbler from a bong is the fact that in addition to a mouthpiece hole and a bowl, a bubbler also has a carb hole similar to that of a dry pipe. Whether it is about appearance or function, a bubbler is quaite similar to a pipe.

What is better - a bong or a pipe?

Water bong is considered to be a conventional smoking equipment, which has stood the test of time. Not only is it very easy to use, but it also offers the perfect high in comparatively shorter period of time than a pipe. Since the smoke rises and percolates through the water making its way into the hollow tube, a bong offers a high that is more persistent.

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