BABAJEE Doobtubes

BABAJEE Doobtubes

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If you like to carry around your pre-rolled joints, we have just the perfect range of products for you – Babajee Doob Tubes! Small and compact enough to fit your pockets, and designed to perfection so that your joint travels unharmed – these doob tubes are a must-have for every smoker. Not only do these tubes protect your rolled joints or cigarettes from crumbling but also ensure that they don’t come in contact with any moisture. Of course, these doob tubes also ensure that you get to store your joint in the most discreet manner, something that is truly important especially when you are on the go.

Features of the Babajee Doob Tube
• Airtight, safe, moisture-resistant and odour-proof
• Sealed tubes constructed of super high quality poly carbonate plastic
• Extremely strong and secure
• Available in several colours
• Colour - Black, Aqua Green, Electric Blue, Blue Orange, Lime Green, Yellow
• Size - King size

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Frequently Asked Questions About Babajee Doob Tubes

The Babajee Doob Tubes are made using polycarbonate plastic. It is lightweight and durable, and the US FDA has recognised this material as safe.

Yes. Since the doob tube is airtight in nature, you can rely on it for locking in the smell of the herbs.

Yes. Simply drop the roll in the tube, and pop its cap right away. As the roll won’t receive any oxygen, it will be extinguished in less than 5 seconds. When you are ready to smoke it again, simply light it as you usually do.

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