BABAJEE Doobtubes Textured

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Wood Textured Doob Tube
As a smoker who is well into adulthood, you might want to carry your rolls in a way that is truly classy! And what better than this wood textured doob tube from Babajee? Ideal for those times when you have to rush out mid-roll, and don’t want to let it go to waste. This doob tube allows you to store your roll or carry it along in the classiest manner!
So, don’t miss this chance to buy Babajee Wood Textured Doob Tube, and rest assured of using each one of your rolls to the very end, every single time.

Features of the Wood Textured Doob Tube
• Polycarbonate Textured Tube with Wooden Colour
• Airtight
• Durable
• Secure

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Textured Doob Tube

Yes. Since the doob tube is airtight in nature, you can rely on it for locking in the smell of the herbs.

Yes. Simply drop the roll in the tube, and pop its cap right away. As the roll won’t receive any oxygen, it will be extinguished in less than 5 seconds. When you are ready to smoke it again, simply light it as you usually do.

This Wood Textured Doob Tube is offered in King Size.

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