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If you are a health-conscious, vegan smoker, this one is for you. It is healthy as it contains no tobacco, no nicotine, no GMO and burns three times slower than a normal smoking paper. The Bongchie Blunt Cones are vegan in nature, probably the only product in this category to be available for vegans.

Features of the Bongchie Blunt Cone
• The dimensions of the cone are 9 x 9 x 14 cm and they weigh 80 Grams each
• These are made from Brazilian Mate Tea Leaves
• They are vegan friendly

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FAQs About BONGCHIE Blunt Cone

Bongchie Blunt Cones are tobacco-free, nicotine-free, contain no GMO, and are vegan in nature.

The Bongchie Blunt Cones burn three times slower than any other smoking paper, giving a slow smoking experience.

Each cone comes with a glass tube and a cork on the top, and it can be reused.

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