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Dab Lighter

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Dab Lighter is the perfect tool for dabbing enthusiasts. It's a convenient and portable lighter for smokers to use anytime anywhere. Dab Lighter is the latest invention from the Babajee store. The dab lighter resembles a regular lighter in all aspects but one, that burns with gas instead of butane. It uses a high-quality refillable gas tank while maintaining a simple and elegant design. They are reliable, safe to use, and come with a lifetime warranty. All of our lighters come equipped with a child safety lock system to prevent accidents.

- It can be adjusted to different temperatures, so you can dab at the right temp for your concentrate.
- Allows the dabbers to dab their concentrates on the go.
- It is durable, easy to clean, and reliable when in use.
- Its lightning-fast heat-up time also makes this lighter unique from others.

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