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The Elements Natural Rolling Paper are designed to be ultra-thin, so that the smoker can revel in the smoothest possible burn! Truly natural, as they are created using 100% rice, these papers have a thin line of Acacia gum. Needless to say, the Elements Blue King Size Slim Rolling Papers are completely free of any chemicals!
Ideal for smokers who like to roll their own herb, and want a seamless experience every single time, these rolling papers are a must have.
Features of ELEMENTS Blue KS Slim Rolling Papers
• Chemical-free, Pulp-free, Hemp-free
• High-quality, unbleached papers designed to burn smoothly
• Incredibly thin
• Paper Size: 110mm x 44mm
• Packs Per Box: 50
• Leaves Per Pack: 33

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Frequently Asked Questions About ELEMENTS Blue KS Slim

Make sure to lick the rolling paper very lightly from the tip of your tongue. This will activate the glue, without erasing it thereby ensuring a solid bond.

While Elements Rolling Papers do not expire, they can become dry when stored for a fairly long period of time. This also leads to the degradation of the glue, which is why old rolling papers are trickier to stick.

Since rolling paper come in contact with your mouth, both at the time of licking for sticking, and at the time of smoking, most smokers prefer healthy rolling paper. It is for this very reason that Elements offer chemical free rolling papers made of 100% rice!

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