Juicy Jay strawberry flavored rolling papers

Juicy Jay strawberry flavored rolling papers

Regular price₹ 200.00
  • 32 leaves in each Pack


  • Strawberry Flavour


  • Made out of Triple dip Flavour System


  • Made of Pure Hemp


  • Natural Sugar Gum


 Juicy Jay is known for the best flavored papers out there The brand has a range of different flavours available in the market for one to pick their choice. Juicy Jay's flavoured cigarette rolling papers are made of organic hemp with a triple-dip flavour system, which gives it a sweet fruity flavour for one to enjoy the smoke. Every leaf of the pack has a vibrant fruit print printed using soy ink to make it look more attractive. These flavoured joint rolling papers are better than any ocb flavoured papers available in the market.

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