LUXE Glass KS Transparent Paper

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The best part about LUXE Glass KS Transparent Paper is that they are smooth, clean, and burn absolutely evenly, giving you a pleasant smoking experience. As desired, these papers are made of 100 percent natural plant cellulose of top quality. So, there is no adhesive to spoil the taste of your smoke. They are also available in King size, which means you can roll your smoke nice and big and enjoy a long smoking experience.

Features of the new LUXE Glass KS Transparent Paper
• Each pack comes with 40 rolling papers
• The size of the paper is 110mm by 45mm – simply perfect for a great smoking experience

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Smoking papers are made with special ingredients that provide a smoother smoking experience. They are less harmful and allow consistent burning of the roll. They are available in multiple flavours, sizes, and colours and you can choose the one that fits the best for your style.

The most interesting aspect of the LUXE Glass KS Transparent Paper is that it is clean, transparent, and smooth like glass. It burns slowly and consistently, providing an enjoyable smoking experience. It is made with 100 percent natural cellulose and sticks naturally so there is no need to add adhesive to the roll. They are available in the King size, so you can enjoy a long and relaxing smoke.

Rolling papers made of rice and hemp are considered to be the healthiest. Unbleached rolling papers are also a better option as compared to other synthetically made ones. Opting for rolling papers in which the gum is naturally made is again a good choice as this gum comes with no harmful effects.

Rolling papers don’t usually expire, but they can become dry if stored for an extended period of time. Furthermore, their glue also becomes less effective with time. So, a rolling paper that has not been used for a long time will not stick well. But the LUXE Glass KS Transparent Paper comes with an extended period of usability, making it a much-preferred product amongst smokers.

Usually, the white rolling paper is bleached, which means it is not a healthy option. But their brown counterparts are unbleached, making them a healthier option.

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