MAGNETO Grinder 3 Part/56mm

MAGNETO Grinder 3 Part/56mm

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MAGNETO Grinder 3 Part/56mm
Want perfectly ground herb, every single time that you sit for a recreational time? In that case, brace yourself, because we have just the perfect product for you – The Magneto Smoking Herb Grinder! Thanks to its unique tooth design, this grinder ensures perfectly ground and fluffy herb. What’s more? The ground herb is then stored into a canister that is sealed pack with extra strong magnets so that your product doesn’t get spoilt as a result of outside moisture! Made of high-grade aluminium, this grinder is as durable as it is useful.

Features of the MAGNETO Grinder 3 Part/56mm
• Description- Aluminium Premium CNC Grinder
• All Magnetic 3-Part Grinder
• Size 56mm 3-Part
• Threadless Convenience

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Magneto Grinder

The grinder is designed with sharp teeth that help break the curled buds of herb into smaller pieces for an enhanced smoking experience as a result of better airflow through them. The Magneto 3-chamber grinder not only helps churn the herb, but also helps separate the buds and catch the kief.

The strong magnet centred inside the grinder helps create a perfect seal so that the churned product can be stored for later use, in a moisture resistant, spill proof canister.

Freezing your magneto grinder makes it easy to clean, by ensuring that you can conveniently scrape off the remaining kief and resin.

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