Kali Silicone Bong Green (Glow in the Dark)

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Introducing the Kali Silicone Bong; the first arrival Piecemaker's new Khemistry Klass. The Kali has a compact travel friendly size and features the Komfy Fit contoured mouthpiece for a smoother, better hit. The Khemistry Klass introduces the brand new Hex Tek downstem engineered for more bubbles. Like other Piecemaker silicone bongs, the Kali features a removable and replaceable stainless steel bowl and the Piecemaker Kap so you can easily take your bowl with you on the go. Available in five stunning colors.

  • Extremely Convenient Design
  • Nearly Indestructable
  • Glow in the Dark (Excluding Rasta)
  • Compact, Travel-Friendly Size
  • Removable, Replaceable Diffused Silicone Downstem
  • Removable, Replaceable Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Spill-Proof Cap for Travel
  • New Hex Tek Downstem Creates More Bubbles
  • Komfy Fit Mouthpiece
  • Rear Carb for Larger Hits
  • Made of Food Grade Silicone
  • PieceMaker Decal
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Height: 8.5"
  • Base Diameter: 3.5"

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FAQs On Kali Silicone Bong Green (Glow in the Dark)

To start with, the Kali Silicone Bong comes with a smooth, grip-friendly design that is easy to hold and handle. It is the first of its kind Piecemaker’s new Khemistry Klass that has been designed keeping compactness in mind so that you can travel around with it. Its contoured Komfy Fit allows for a smoother hit and gives the users much to enjoy.

The Khemistry Klass has introduced a new Hex Tek downstem that is engineered for more bubbles. Much like other Piecemaker’s other bongs, Kali also comes with a removable and replaceable stainless-steel bowl and a Piecemaker Kap so that it is easy to travel with.

The new Kali silicone bong comes designed in a material that is indestructible, making it safe and handy to use. Its convenient and agronomical design helps in a better grip, it glows in the dark, has a compact and travel-friendly design, has a removable, Replaceable Diffused Silicone Downstem, and removable, replaceable stainless-steel bowl, its surface is spill-proof, comfortable mouthpiece has larger rear carbs, and is available in several exciting colours.

From its handy and grip-friendly design, its size (8.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches base diameter) to its spillproof surface, all these features make it easy to carry and thus make it travel-friendly. The silicone material also makes it extremely durable and dropping it has little to no impact on it.

If you like things to be maintenance-free, then a silicone Kali bong is for you. Its size and design make it travel-friendly and its indestructible material is perfect for use in all kinds of conditions.

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