Purple Monkey Connoisseur Roach Book Pad

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Smoking roaches are often thrown away as rejected items. But they can be of much use. It is not always possible to roll the cigarettes from scratch as it can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. But if you have a roach ready, you simply just have to roll the paper with the shredded herb, and you are all ready to enjoy a lovely smoke. The Purple Monkey Connoisseur Roach Book Pad is one such product that lets you retain your roaches as they remain rolled for a long time. The best part of this roach book is that it is made with natural materials giving no extra taste when smoking.

Features of the new Purple Monkey Connoisseur Roach Book Pad
• Made of natural materials
• Once it is rolled, it stays rolled
• Comes with perfect thickness

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    FAQs About Connoisseur Roach Book Pad

    The Purple Monkey Connoisseur Roach Book Pad is made of natural materials and so it doesn’t give out any extra taste while smoking.

    This product has been specially designed to last with the best quality materials. It enhances the smoking experience.

    Roaches are often thrown as waste, but a well-made roach can last long and provides ease of smoking.

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