RAW Perfecto Cone Tips

RAW Perfecto Cone Tips

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Want a hassle free smoking experience?

Well, the RAW Perfecto Cone Tips can help you do just that! Quintessential for a handcrafted cone that holds steady, the hand rolled and pre-cut tips from RAW are crafted meticulously such that the follow the natural grain of the fibres. Not only does it offer a perfectly round tip for every single cone, but also ensures an impeccable cone without much effort from your end!

Features of the RAW Perfecto Cone Tips
• Hand-rolled in Bali (Indonesia)
• Chemical Free and Chlorine Free
• 21 Pre-Rolled Cone Tips per pack
• 20 packs per box

Nationwide delivery. Free shipping on orders above ₹2,500.

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FAQs About RAW Perfecto Cone Tips

RAW cone tips are designed to ease the preparation of hand rolled cones for smokers. With these cone tips, all you need you need to do is roll the cone out and combine it with the cone tip and voila! You have the perfect smoke.

Yes, made using naturally occurring fibres, these tips are vegan.

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