Quartz Terp Slurper Banger w/ Finished Joint 14mm / Female

Quartz Terp Slurper Banger w/ Finished Joint 14mm / Female

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Slurp up those puddles with the newest innovation in quartz bangers - the Terp Slurper. The Terp Slurper Banger is uniquely designed to get the very most out of your concentrates and features a bottom slitted dish to pull airflow from the bottom to the intake. Just drop your materials through the top of the bucket and any concentrates dripping to the bottom will be "slurped" up from the bottom dish. The Terp Slurper offers more surface area than other bangers therefore providing longer, cooler, and more flavorful rips. Make sure to cap it off with a carb cap so you don't waste any of that valuable vapor!

  • Quartz Terp Slurper Banger
  • Bottom Slitted Dish for Bottom Fed Airflow
  • "Slurp" Up Concentrates from the Bottom
  • More Surface Area than Other Bangers
  • Massive, Flavorful Rips
  • Available in 14mm and 18mm Male or Female Joints
  • Finished Joint
  • Bucket Diameter: 30mm
  • Glass Thickness: 2mm

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